Thornell Corporation was founded in 1981 through research conducted at Cornell University on a unique product that would effectively eliminate odor. The research requirements were that the formula had to be effective for use on any surface and safe when used around pets and people. They also needed to be formulated so that their effectiveness would not lessen when used in conjunction with detergents and disinfectants. These products are now enjoyed by veterinarians throughout North America where Thornell is the largest supplier of odor elimination products to this demanding profession.

In 1995 Thornell Corporation expanded their product offering to include an extremely effective product for professional carpet cleaners, building contactors, restoration professionals and independent janitorial operations called Odorcide® 210. This commercial product offers the same contact chemistry that is used in the veterinary products and is available exclusively through professional distributors serving this industry. Odorcide® 210 is a non-enzymatic product that works instantly, has no dwell time after application, and is safe for use on any surface.
The 16:1 to 256:1 concentration makes Odorcide® 210 extremely affordable in any situation.

Today Thornell is a family owned business located in Smithville, Missouri where we manufacture what we sell. Unlike many other companies Thornell Corporation only makes odorcides. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the answer to your odor problems with products you can use and recommend with complete confidence.