Q: Does Odorcide 210 actually work?
A: Absolutely. But don’t take our word for it, CLICK HERE and try it for yourself.

Q: Is it an enzyme?
A: No. Odorcide is not an enzyme. Odorcide uses a chemistry called Zwaademaker Conjugates. This process bonds, absorbs and then counteracts the odor molecules ability to emit a vapor. The result is complete elimination of the odor.

Q: Does it work on cat urine?

A: Yes. Odorcide will eliminate the odors caused by pet urine. Simply identify the source and make sure Odorcide is used in a manner that will ensure contact with the odor molecule.

Q: Can you use it on oriental or wool rugs?

A: Yes. Odorcide is safe for use on rugs and carpets of all kinds. Rugs need to be treated front and back. A dip tank is best if available.

Q: Does it leave a residue?

A: No. Odoricide is a water based product thus no residue is left behind.

Q: Does it attract dirt?

A: No. Odorcide is non-ionic with a neutral Ph thus it does not attract dirt or debris after use.

Q: Will it hurt the finish on my floor?

A: No. Odorcide is a water based product and contains no caustic ingredients that will damage the floor surface.

Q: Do I need to extract it?

A: Once Odorcide is applied its best to leave it until you are certain it has penetrated deeply enough to come in contact with the odor source. As many of the problems areas are on wood or concrete flooring, this process may take a few minutes. Odorcide needs to penetrate both of these hard surfaces to adequately reach the odor molecule. Once you are certain the penetration process is complete, you can extract the excess or you can simply let it air dry. If you are cleaning in addition to deodorizing, you can remove the excess during your cleaning procedures.

Q: What’s in it?
A: The actual formula is proprietary but in general terms Odorcide is made up of a blend of natural ingredients that are safe for use on any surface to include leather chairs and hard wood floors. It is always recommended that you spot test before applications and as with all chemicals please keep them out of children’s reach.