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I started using ODORCIDE® Laundry last week on commercial and residential customer laundry. We are always looking to give our customers the best clean possible and the results we have achieved using ODORCIDE® Laundry are amazing.

Martha MorrisonTwin City Laundry

I tried the K.O.E.® odor eliminating solution and it is the finest that I have ever used. I cannot believe how quickly the smell is gone! Even with the weather being warmer this weekend I could smell nothing and I currently have 13 rescue dogs using the pen.

Christine A. MorrisNew Beginnings Pet Rescue

Your ODORCIDE® Laundry product has great effect on tough smoke odors, pet odors and just about any house odor you could think of. It leaves a very gentle fresh scent (great for people with odor allergies) and keeps machines and drain lines odor free.

Tom HamletHamlet Cleaners Inc.