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Race-Approved Continuing Education

Sniffing Your Way to Better Hospital Experiences

Intended to provide veterinary healthcare teams a better understanding and appreciation for the powerful sense of smell of their pet patients.

1.5 Hour CE Course

Ooooh That Smell, Can’t You Smell That Smell?

Educate and reinforce to veterinary healthcare team members the relationship between employee satisfaction, client retention and profit.

1 Hour CE Course

Odor Zones

Click on a Clinic Odor Zone below to preview ODORCIDE® products that apply to that specific zone.

Animal Zone

The Animal Zone consists of areas such as the kennel, grooming areas, dog wards and cat wards.

In the Animal Zone, feces, urine and emesis are just a few of the common odors present. Managing odors in this zone is key to sending your patients home in optimal condition.

Animal Zone Recommended Products



K.O.E.® Fresh Scent



Staff Zone

The Staff Zone consists of areas such as the laboratory, laundry, conference room, pack/scrub and treatment areas.

Working in an environment that is dedicated to helping pets live long and healthy lives can be very rewarding. It also has its drawbacks and having to deal with ongoing animal-related odors is one of them. Address odors throughout the Staff Zone and make your daily work environment as positive as the results you help create.

Staff Zone Recommended Products




Pet Owner Zone

The Pet Owner Zone consists of areas such as the lobby/waiting area, bathroom, retail, exam room and home.

Keep client retention high and bad perceptions low by effectively addressing odors in this zone. All of ODORCIDE®’s products are safe for home use as well, so you can retail them and help your clients maintain an odor-free environment at home.

Pet Owner Zone Recommended Products

Cat Odor-Off®


Dog Odor-Off™


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