I started using ODORCIDE Laundry last week on commercial and residential customer laundry that have significant odor issues. We are very impressed with the results of our testing. We are always looking to give our customers the best clean possible and the results we have achieved using ODORCIDE Laundry are amazing.

- Martha Morrison
Twin City Laundry

My name is Tom Hamlet with Hamlet Cleaners Inc. Textile Restoration in Richmond, Virginia. I have been using your ODORCIDE Laundry product now for over five years and feel it is time I gave you a shout out. We have dozens of very fine products we use every day to combat a host of odors from smoke, fire and water damage claims thru insurance companies. Your “ODORCIDE Laundry” product has been invaluable in producing the best outcome possible. It has great effect on tuff smoke odors, pet odors, and just about any house odor you could think of. It leaves a very gentle fresh scent (great for people with odor allergies) and keeps machines and drain lines odor free. Thanks for a great product it’s a pleasure working with it.

- Tom Hamlet
Hamlet Cleaners Inc. Textile Restoration

I do not, as a rule, recommend any product but offer in my class on crime scene cleaning a list of chemicals and equipment that we normally use. I have made an exception to that rule with “Odorcide”. As the body goes through the stages of lividity, rigor and then putrification the smell progressively gets worse. This is compounded by time, temperature and humidity as it speeds up or slows down the decay. As you can imagine this can become very bad in high temperatures but with experiences we have found over a period of time that with the use of your product it makes it easier for us to control the smell immediately and helps to reduce residual smells as we get advanced into the cleaning procedure. It has helped to make our job a lot easier and you cannot begin to understand how much we appreciate it.

- Patrick Paluga
Alliance Biohazard

At Biotrauma, we pride ourselves in being the ultimate service provider for families who have experienced a tragedy (usually death) in the home. As you can imagine, we encounter serious odor problems in our line of work and use Odorcide 210 exclusively in our biotrauma remediation efforts. This is a key factor in the psychological well being of our clients, as the human memory is closely associated with smell. We thank you for an excellent product.

- Benjamin Lichtenwalner

Biotrauma, Inc.

Just wanted to let the other cleaners know how well Odorcide works. We’ve been using it for six years on all types of wool, silk, nylon and olefin carpets/rugs. We routinely flood rugs with Odorcide for urine and other odor removal procedures. Never to this day (knock on wood) have we ever had a problem with a carpet/rug bleeding or giving us problems as a result of the Odorcide product. It works wonders on odor. This is one of only a handful of cleaning agents in our industry that I give two thumbs up! You really should try it out!

P.S. I just sent in a request on your website for the new fresh scent sample. Can’t wait to try it out!

- John “Hitman” Braun

Premium Carpet Care

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