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Boat Wash & Deodorizer

Use ODORCIDE® Boat Wash & Deodorizer to clean the outside and inside of your boat to help remove any type of odor. Unlike other boat odor eliminators, ODORCIDE® Boat Wash & Deodorizer is perfectly safe to use around people and pets.



Directions for Use Outdoors: Remove any solid waste from the area to be treated. Attach the water hose to the sprayer. Remove the lid from the 32 oz. bottle and insert the fill tube. Twist the sprayer cap on tightly. Set the ON/OFF dial to OFF and turn on the water. Turn the dial to the WATER only position until the water is flowing freely. Note: You will need to bend the protective stop tab in slightly when turning the dial. Once water is flowing freely, turn the dial to ON position. Apply to needed areas saturating cushions or upholstery to allow for penetration. Scrub soiled areas. When done, turn the dial to OFF position and turn the water off. Turn the dial to the ON position to release the pressure before removing the sprayer from the application bottle. Use the 64 oz. concentrate to refill the application bottle as needed.

Directions for Inside Cleaning and Deodorization: Mix 2 oz. of the concentrate to 16 oz. of water in a spray bottle. Use to treat surfaces such as tile, floors, bathroom, upholstery and other surfaces. Let air dry.

Bilge Use: Add 8 oz. of concentrate to bilge to deodorize. Drain or pump out the bilge according to local, state and federal law. Repeat as needed.

Coverage: The Boat Wash Kit will make up to 96 gallons of treatment solution which can treat up to 15,000 square feet depending on the surface and severity of the odor. Care should be taken if animals or people are sensitive to fragrances.


ODORCIDE® Original

ODORCIDE® Fresh Scent