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How to get pee smell out of mattress

At ODORCIDE®, we understand sometimes accidents happen that cause
odors in your home and we want to help you eliminate them! Many people rely on us for products that actually work!

One of the most difficult odors to eliminate can be pee smell in a mattress. At Odorcide we have the solution for you!


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The Odor Problem

Smell of Urine in a Mattress

Being confronted with the challenge of removing pee smell out of a mattress can be daunting and unpleasant. Whether it’s due to a pet accident, a child’s nighttime mishap, or an unfortunate event, the odor of urine can deeply permeate your mattress, making it difficult to eliminate. The lingering smell is not just off-putting but can also create an unhygienic environment if not addressed promptly and effectively.

This is where Odorcide steps in. As a trusted solution for various odor problems, we offer a range of effective products designed specifically to neutralize stubborn smells, including urine odor. This pungent odor can make living spaces unbearable, and regular household cleaning methods often prove ineffective in completely eliminating this smell.

With its scientifically proven formula, Odorcide doesn’t just mask the smell but eliminates it at the source, restoring the freshness of your mattress. You can trust Odorcide Original and Fresh Scent to eliminate that unpleasant pee smell out of mattress.

how to get pee smell out of mattress

Immediate Attention is Required

Neglecting any accident on a mattress can lead to further problems, such as the growth of bacteria, which can potentially pose health risks. Moreover, a persistent urine smell can affect the quality of your sleep, causing discomfort and restlessness. It is essential to address this issue immediately and use Odorcide to eliminate the odor, ensuring a clean and fresh-smelling mattress.

How to Get Pee Smell Out of Mattress

The science behind removing pee smell from a mattress involves understanding the properties of urine and the chemical reactions that can help neutralize its odor. Urine is composed of a complex mixture of waste products from your body, including urea, uric acid, and ammonia. These substances are responsible for the strong, unpleasant smell. When urine dries, it can leave behind salts that attract moisture, causing the odor to linger.

Our products operate through a process of counteraction and absorption to safely eliminate unpleasant odors from various surfaces, including mattresses. Our formula doesn’t merely mask the smell but actively neutralizes it, leaving behind a fresh scent. This efficient approach can be particularly useful for removing persistent mattress odors that regular cleaning can’t address.

To use Odorcide Original and Odorcide Fresh Scent, dilute the concentrated product according to the directions, then spray or pour on the source of the odor. Saturate the area enough it can reach the entire source of the urine. After applying, let air dry. If you continue to smell urine you have not reached the source of the odor and
need to apply again.

Generally, for odor removal products, the following steps are taken:

  • Spray Odorcide Original or Fresh Scent on the affected area.
  • Allow it to sit for a certain period.
  • Blot it dry afterwards.
  • Test any odor-removal product on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure it doesn’t cause discoloration or damage to the material.

ODORCIDE® Original or Fresh Scent is proven to be effective and eliminate the tough odor.

pee smell out of mattress

Prevention Ideas for Your Bed Mattress

Preventing accidents on a mattress involves adopting measures that safeguard the mattress from potential spills or stains. Here are some strategies to help keep your mattress fresh and clean:

  • Invest in a Mattress Protector: One of the most effective ways to prevent accidents is by investing in a mattress protector. These protectors provide an impermeable barrier that protects the mattress from spills or urine stains.
  • Use Waterproof Underpads: Waterproof underpads can be useful, especially for children or incontinent adults. They can be placed on the mattress to prevent bed-wetting accidents.

Remember, prevention is always better than a cure. Taking these precautions can save you the trouble of dealing with stubborn stains and odors later on.

Solution: Odorcide Original or Fresh Scent

Eliminating pee smell out of mattress, whether it’s from a child, a pet, or an incontinent adult can be a challenging task. ODORCIDE® offers products that eliminate serious odor problems and keep them from returning.

Our past customers have let us know how well our products have helped them. Read these testimonials to help you understand the impressive results that occur when using our products. ODORCIDE® products feature a unique, non-enzymatic formula that works, regardless of what products have been previously applied!

Specialized Odor Elimination

No matter the cause of the odor issue, we know you want it fixed quickly. When persistent bad odors need to be eliminated, people often begin a search for specialized odor-elimination products. Discovering these can truly transform any areas with strong odors.

At ODORCIDE® we offer top-tier, professional-grade solutions. Our products are designed to provide superior odor elimination in your vehicle and your home.

We are committed to helping people maintain odor-free environments. Whether the task at hand is getting rid of smells in your couch, carpets or ensuring your home smells great, you can count on ODORCIDE® products.

Easy To Use Products

One of the key attributes of ODORCIDE®  is its ease of use, even if you have tried other products without success. A single application is often sufficient to eliminate odors. However, for strong or old odors, reapplication might be necessary. ODORCIDE® products are also safe for use around people and pets because we use natural, non-toxic ingredients.

ODORCIDE® offers an affordable solution to your intense bed mattress odor issues, providing immediate results with minimal effort, making it a cost-effective choice.

Our odor-elimination products have been lauded for their effectiveness in dealing with stubborn odors. Our professional strength concentrates and ready to use products can combat a wide array of odors, including those from food, smoke, urine and sweat. Ordorcide can also be used on various surfaces such as carpet, upholstery, and hardwood.


ODORCIDE® is a family-owned business located in Smithville, Missouri where we manufacture what we sell. Unlike many other companies, ODORCIDE® only manufacturers ODORCIDE® products. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the answer to your odor problems with products you can use and recommend with complete confidence.

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