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Getting rid of cat pee smell at your business or home

At ODORCIDE®, we understand having pets in your house leads to having pet
odors, and we want to help you eliminate them! Many veterinarian offices, pet
professionals, and pet owners rely on us for products that actually work!

One of the most difficult odors to get rid of can be cat pee smell. At Odorcide we have the solution for you!


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The Odor Problem

Strong, persistent smell of cat urine

Cat urine is notorious for its strong and persistent odor. This distinct smell can be a significant issue for cat owners and can permeate throughout their homes if not addressed promptly and effectively.

The problem intensifies because cat urine is not just a stinky inconvenience; it contains certain compounds like urea, urobilin/urobilinogen, and uric acid, which break down and give rise to an ammonia-like odor that is hard to get rid of.

Moreover, as the urine decomposes, it can also emit mercaptans, compounds found in skunk spray, making the smell even worse. This pungent odor can make living spaces unbearable, and regular household cleaning methods often prove ineffective in completely eliminating this smell.

How To Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell

The chemistry of cat pee

Understanding the chemistry of cat urine is essential for effectively dealing with its odor. Cat pee is a complex mixture of metabolic waste products, consisting of uric acid, urea, urobilin/urobilinogen, creatinine, and various pheromones. Among these, uric acid is the most challenging to deal with.

Unlike urea and urobilin, which are water-soluble and can be cleaned easily, uric acid is insoluble in water. When a cat urinates, this uric acid forms crystals or a semi-solid paste, which is not easily removable. These crystals get trapped in porous materials, like fabric and wood, and over time, they break down and release a foul smell.

The ineffectiveness of traditional cleaning methods
& DIY cat pee cleaning methods

Standard cleaning products often fail to eliminate the smell of cat urine due to the unique composition of the urine itself.

Cat urine contains a compound called uric acid, which forms crystals or a semi-solid paste that is insoluble in water and gets trapped in porous materials. These crystals break down over time, releasing a foul odor that typical cleaning products aren’t designed to neutralize or remove.

Additionally, the bacteria present in the environment can further decompose uric acid, producing ammonia and carbon dioxide, which contribute to the strong, unpleasant smell.

There are several home DIY remedies commonly used to tackle the problem of pet urine odor. Most people find these never completely eliminate the odor but are certainly often tried. If you have used a DIY method, and it didn’t work, Cat Odor-Off is an odor eliminator specifically designed for cat urine odor.

Cat Urine Smelling in House

Reasons cats may pee outside the litter box

Cats may pee outside their litter box for a variety of reasons including:

  • Medical
  • Behavioral
  • Litter Box Issue

Medically, feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), kidney disease, diabetes, or arthritis can make it painful or difficult for cats to use their box, leading them to associate the box with discomfort and try to relieve themselves elsewhere.

Behaviorally, changes in the household such as a new pet, new family member, or even rearranging the furniture can cause stress, leading to inappropriate urination.

Finally, if the litter box is dirty, too small, or located in a noisy or high-traffic area, cats may choose to avoid it. It’s important to address any sudden changes in your cat’s bathroom habits with a vet to rule out any underlying medical issues

Prevent your cat from repeatedly urinating in the same spot

Preventing a cat from urinating in the same spot that has been previously cleaned can be achieved through several strategies. Firstly, ensure that the area has been thoroughly saturated with ODORCIDE® Cat Odor-Off to eliminate the tough odor. When used correctly Cat Odor-Off will eliminate the odor to the point that it has no residual smells that can attract the cat back to the same spot.

Placing items such as a piece of furniture, food and water bowl, or a cat bed can also deter them from marking the space. Using pet repellent sprays or diffusers with synthetic pheromones that mimic cat facial pheromones can also create a calming environment and discourage repeated marking.

Solution: Cat Odor-Off

Eliminating cat pee smell, whether it’s at your business or in your home, can be a challenging task. ODORCIDE® offers products that eliminate serious odor problems and keep them from returning.

To use Cat Odor-Off, dilute the concentrated product according to the directions, then spray or pour on the source of the odor. Saturate the area enough it can reach the entire source of the cat urine. After applying, let air dry. If you continue to smell the cat urine you have not reached the source of the odor and need to apply again.

Our past customers have let us know how well our products have helped them. Read these testimonials to help you understand the impressive results that occur when using our products.

ODORCIDE® products feature a unique, non-enzymatic formula that works, regardless of what products have been previously applied!

Specialized Odor Elimination

Veterinary professionals who have a deep passion for their furry patients often search for specialized odor-elimination products. Discovering these can truly transform their work environment.

ODORCIDE® recognizes the need to offer top-tier, professional-grade solutions. These products are designed to provide superior odor elimination, even in demanding spaces like kennels, grooming spaces, treatment rooms, and for use at home.

We are committed to helping general users and veterinary clinics and pet professionals maintain clean and hygienic environments. Whether the task at hand is getting rid of smells out in your carpets or ensuring kennels are spotless, you can count on ODORCIDE® products. They deliver remarkable results that won’t fail to impress.

Easy To Use Products

One of the key attributes of ODORCIDE® products is their ease of use. A single application is often sufficient to eliminate odors. However, for persistent issues, reapplication might be necessary. ODORCIDE® products are also safe for use around people and pets due to non-toxic and non-irritating formulation.

ODORCIDE® offers an affordable solution to your intense cat odor issues, providing immediate results with minimal effort, making it a cost-effective choice.

These odor-elimination products have been lauded for their effectiveness in dealing with stubborn odors. These professional strength concentrates and ready to use products can combat a wide array of odors, including those from food, smoke, urine and sweat, and are suitable for use on various surfaces such as carpet, upholstery, and hardwood.

Easy to use – even if you have already tried other products without success!


ODORCIDE® is a family-owned business located in Smithville, Missouri where we manufacture what we sell. Unlike many other companies, ODORCIDE® only manufacturers ODORCIDE® products. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the answer to your odor problems with products you can use and recommend with complete confidence.

Eliminate Cat Pee Smell & Keep it From Returning
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