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Getting rid of dog pee smell at your business or home

Dog ownership brings with it many joys, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges such as dog pee smell. It’s one of the most common and difficult to tackle issues of having a dog. This unpleasant odor can permeate your home, causing discomfort for both you and your guests. It’s not just a matter of cleanliness, but also of health and overall wellbeing.

In this guide, we will explore various methods of eliminating dog pee smell, from preventative measures to deep cleaning techniques. Our goal is to help you maintain a fresh, clean, and healthy living environment for you and your furry friend.


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The Odor Problem

Understanding the Science Behind Dog Pee Smell

Dog urine has a strong smell due to its chemical composition. The primary component responsible for the odor is urea, a waste product that dogs, like all mammals, excrete through their urine. When a dog urinates, the urea comes into contact with bacteria in the environment. This bacteria breaks down the urea, a process called ureolysis, producing ammonia and carbon dioxide as byproducts.

The ammonia is particularly pungent and is largely responsible for the strong smell associated with dog urine. Over time, if the urine isn’t cleaned up promptly, bacteria continue to break down the urea, leading to the production of mercaptans – compounds that are also found in skunk spray. This further intensifies the unpleasant smell.

In addition to urea, dog urine also contains other waste products such as creatinine, uric acid, electrolytes, and various hormones. These can contribute to the overall odor profile of dog urine, making it even more potent. Understanding this science behind the smell is the first step towards effectively eliminating it from your home.

Ways to Help Prevent Dog Pee Smell

Training of the dog

Preventative measures are the key to maintaining a fresh, odor-free home. Training your dog to pee outside or in designated areas can significantly reduce the chances of them urinating on your carpet, furniture, or other inappropriate places. Consistency and positive reinforcement are crucial during this training process.

Cleaning dog areas

In addition to training, establishing regular cleaning routines is also essential. Regularly clean and disinfect the areas where your dog spends most of their time. This includes their bed, toys, and any designated pee areas. Use Dog Odor-Off during your regular cleaning to eliminate any existing odors. Cleaning also prevents bacteria buildup, which contributes to the smell.

Balanced dog diet 

Your dog’s diet can have a significant impact on the smell of their urine. A balanced diet that is appropriate for their age, breed, and health status can help to regulate the chemical composition of their urine. Certain foods can cause a stronger urine smell than others. For instance, a diet high in protein can result in more pungent urine. If you notice a sudden change in the smell of your dog’s urine, it’s worth discussing their diet with a vet. 

These preventative measures, when combined, can go a long way in controlling and eliminating the odors associated with dog pee.

Addressing dog pee smell with Dog Odor-Off promptly is crucial. Not only does quick action help to prevent the odor from setting in, but it also deters your dog from marking the same spot again – a behavior encouraged by the lingering scent of old urine. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to the smell of dog urine can lead to respiratory issues and other health problems for both humans and pets.

dog pee smell

Immediate Actions After An Accident

When your dog has an accident indoors, taking immediate action can greatly help in odor control. Here’s a step-by-step process for cleaning up and eliminating odors of fresh accidents with Dog Odor-Off:

  • Protect Yourself: Use gloves and other protective gear if necessary. This is important to prevent any potential health risks associated with handling animal waste.
  • Blot the Area: Use paper towels or a highly absorbent cloth to blot the soiled area. Apply pressure to soak up as much urine as possible. Avoid rubbing, as this can push the urine deeper into the material.
  • Clean the Spot: Once you’ve blotted up as much urine as  possible, saturate the area with Dog Odor-Off which eliminates dog odors including urine. Use enough that Dog Odor-Off can reach the source
    of the odor. After applying let it air dry. If the dog urine smell is still
    there after using Dog Odor-Off, you haven’t reached the full source of
    the odor and will need to reapply.

Remember, the quicker you can attend to the mess, the less likely it is to leave a lasting smell. Always handle these situations with care, ensuring both your and your pet’s safety during the cleanup process.

Deep Cleaning Techniques

Deep cleaning carpets, rugs, and upholstery is integral to maintaining a fresh and odor-free environment, especially in homes with pets. Start by vacuuming the surface thoroughly to remove loose dirt and pet hair. For carpets and rugs, using a vacuum with good suction and a brush & beater bar can help lift the pile and remove particulate dirt. If you have a carpet cleaning machine, you can use Dog Odor-Off with the carpet shampoo to help eliminate odors as you clean.

For non-absorbent surfaces like tiles or hardwood floors, begin by sweeping or vacuuming to remove loose debris. Then, mop the surface using a floor cleaner in conjunction with Dog Odor-Off. Make sure to dry the floor thoroughly after mopping to prevent slips and falls, and to stop water from soaking into the material, which could cause damage.

Cleaning dog beds and other pet accessories is also crucial. Use Dog Odor-Off in conjunction with any cleaning products you are using to eliminate the dog odor as you clean.

Solution: Odor Elimination Products

Eliminating dog pee smell, whether it’s at your business or in your home can be a challenging task. ODORCIDE® offers products that eliminate serious odor problems and keep them from returning. Our past customers have let us know how well our products have helped them. Read these testimonials to help you understand the impressive results that occur when using our products.

ODORCIDE® products feature a unique, non-enzymatic formula that works, regardless of what products have been previously applied!

Specialized Odor Elimination

Veterinary professionals who have a deep passion for their furry patients often search for specialized odor-elimination products. Discovering these can truly transform their work environment.

ODORCIDE® recognizes the need to offer top-tier, professional-grade solutions. These products are designed to provide superior odor elimination, even in demanding spaces like kennels, grooming spaces, treatment rooms, and for use at home.

We are committed to helping general users, veterinary clinics, and pet professionals maintain clean and hygienic environments. Whether the task at hand is getting rid of smells out in your carpets or ensuring kennels are spotless, you can count on ODORCIDE® products. They deliver remarkable results that won’t fail to impress.

Easy To Use Products

One of the key attributes of ODORCIDE® products is their ease of use. A single application is often sufficient to eliminate odors. However, for persistent issues, reapplication might be necessary. ODORCIDE® products are also safe for use around people and pets due to non-toxic and non-irritating formulation.

ODORCIDE® offers an affordable solution to your intense dog odor issues, providing immediate results with minimal effort, making it a cost-effective choice.

These odor-elimination products have been lauded for their effectiveness in dealing with stubborn odors. These professional strength concentrates can combat a wide array of odors, including those from food, smoke, urine and sweat, and are suitable for use on various surfaces such as carpet, upholstery, and hardwood.

Easy to use – even if you have already tried other products without success!


ODORCIDE® is a family-owned business located in Smithville, Missouri where we manufacture what we sell. Unlike many other companies, ODORCIDE® only manufacturers ODORCIDE® products. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the answer to your odor problems with products you can use and recommend with complete confidence.

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